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Richard Filipink receives TAA Publication Grant

Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy in the 1960sRichard FilipinkDr. Richard M. Filipink, an associate professor in the History Department at Western Illinois University, received a TAA Publication grant to cover costs associated in publishing his book, Dwight Eisenhower and American Foreign Policy during the 1960s: An American Lion in Winter, to be published by Lexington Press, January 2015.

“The grant covered the typesetting costs for the book, which I was contractually required to cover, thus it reimbursed me for the final step in this process,” he said. “Thank you TAA for this assistance.” 

Dwight Eisenhower had a measurable impact on the foreign policy decisions of his Democratic successors during the 1960s due to his reputation as a military and foreign policy expert as well as his continued popularity when and after he left office. Filipink’s book traces the interactions between Eisenhower and his successors from the pre-inaugural meetings with Kennedy, the use of intermediaries, and the constant contact initiated by Johnson. “Through these direct and indirect contacts, Eisenhower constrained the choices available to Kennedy and Johnson and shaped the politics and policies of the United States until the final months of his life,” he said.