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5 Tips & strategies to increase writing productivity

TAA has hosted many dynamic audio conferences focused on increasing writing productivity and writing project success. Following are five specific tips and strategies highlighted during presenter Dannelle Stevens’ TAA audio conference entitled, “5 Key Strategies to Boost Writing Power and Productivity”:

  1. Know yourself as a writer

  2. Keep a journal in your professional life for organization and insight

  3. Become a student of and practice writing strategies

  4. Identify academic writing frameworks

  5. Find others to work with and be accountable to others. One way to do this is by creating a writing group. As a group you can:

    • List doable goals for the week
    • Be accountable to others to meet those goals
    • Read each other’s work and respond

Stevens also emphasizes the importance of analyzing academic writing, suggesting that authors identify text-structures in target journals; look for patterns and topic sentences; and develop templates to frame their submission to the journal.

Stevens’ entire podcast and many more are available to download from TAA’s Podcast Library.