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Working on K-12 curriculum and instructional materials? A new copyright licensing solution enables use of high-quality published content

Teachers, schools, and districts are increasingly demanding higher quality curriculum and instructional materials to meet the needs of their students and remain compliant with state and local standards.

High-quality published content that is current, personalized, local, diverse, equitable, and inclusive is vital for creating these materials. Unfortunately, securing copyright permissions for such content brings licensing challenges, especially when attempting to secure these permissions on an individual basis at scale.

CCC’s new Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction (ACLCI) eases the burden of obtaining one-off permissions. This unique licensing solution helps remove copyright barriers for curriculum developers who want to incorporate excerpts of copyrighted content from leading book, magazine, and news publishers into curriculum materials.

The ACLCI grants the rights to use copyrighted excerpts and articles from a diverse set of publishers offering high-quality, standards-aligned fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers, and web content. Once content is found, it’s easy to verify coverage under the license using CCC’s simple “Check and Go” permissions process.

“The Annual Copyright License for Curriculum & Instruction will help create equitable access to quality education while easing the burden of obtaining copyright permissions on an individual basis,” says Eileen Murphy, founder and CEO of ThinkCERCA and an ACLCI licensee. “By giving every educator the resources to spark courageous thinking, we can truly have an impact on student growth.”