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Member Spotlight: Frances S. Sizer

Nutrition: Concepts and ControversiesFrances S. SizerTAA member Frances S. Sizer is a textbook author in the nutrition writing discipline.

Her most recent publication is Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 15 ed. for a total of five published textbooks, four in addition to the above.

What are you currently working on?
Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 16 ed.

Share a recent accomplishment.
I’ve recently integrated the new DRI category developed for sodium throughout the book.

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?
“Write for your mother,” meaning, organize your topic into a logical progression, keep it simple, and never use jargon.

What is your best TAA experience so far?
Authors can become isolated, so knowing that I belong to a community of folks doing what I do is a great feeling.