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Member Spotlight: John W. Budd

Labor Relations: Striking a Balance, 5th edJohn W. BuddTAA member John W. Budd is a Professor at the University of Minnesota where he holds the Industrial Relations Land Grant Chair, and both a textbook & academic author in the employment relations writing discipline.

His most recent publication is Labor Relations: Striking a Balance, 5th ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2018). The 1st edition won a “Texty” Textbook Excellence Award in 2005. He has also published three previous university press books on work and employment relations.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a book-length manuscript on the sources of conflict and the implications for dispute resolution.

Share a recent accomplishment.

I recently learned that my book Employment with a Human Face: Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Voice (Cornell University Press) will be translated into Turkish. This will be the ninth translation of my various books.

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?

Start collecting ideas early and make a note of them as soon as they occur. Also, don’t get overwhelmed by the entire scope of a book project. Break it into manageable pieces.

What is your best TAA experience so far?

I enjoy seeing new ideas via the newsletter and the webinars.