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4 Textbook writing blogs you should be following

Academic writing focused blogs are easysocial network to come by in today’s digital world. Textbook writing blogs, however, are not so easily found simply because there aren’t as many. The blogs I have selected for you below are excellent examples that will not only help you with your textbook writing and the process, but will also help you generate ideas for your own textbook writing blog. So here you go–four textbook writing blogs you should be following:

  1. Greg Mankiw’s Blog
    Greg Mankiw, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, uses his blog to focus on all things economics, advice for students and professors of economics, tips on writing, and much more. Greg also uses his blog platform to advertise his textbook and even gives student testimonials that he has received. If you are curious how you, a textbook author, could utilize blogging, I suggest you explore Mankiw’s blog (for example, search “textbook” in the search-bar of his site). A couple particular posts to check-out: How to Write Well and On Textbook Writing.
  2. Productive Writers
    John Soares offers advice for freelance writers and writers of textbook supplements, however much of his advice can be applied to textbook writing (thus why I’m including it!). A post I particularly enjoyed and took away many useful tips from was The Top 27 Ways to Boost Your Writing Willpower.
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
    This will blow your mind, but don’t be intimidated by it, Kevin Patton has six blogs! Not all are current (one was last updated in September 2014), yet all are worth exploring because they offer different purposes—student focused, professor focused, textbook focused, etc. Although Kevin has chosen to create multiple blogs to reach different audiences, you may decide to create just one blog with different categories or tabs to direct your audience to the appropriate place on your site—this is a personal preference choice you’ll have to make. I encourage you to explore all of his sites, but for textbook writing specifically, explore the one I linked above. 🙂
    Self-publishing company, Lulu, has a pretty excellent blog for writers. For example, recent blog posts have covered topics about overcoming writer’s block, apps every writer needs, and writing in the cloud. Although not all content may be textbook writing specific, I still felt it was worthwhile to include this blog on my must follow list.

Do you have a textbook writing focused blog? Or do you follow a textbook writing blog that you find useful? Share the link with me in the comments below!