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100+ Textbook and academic writing presentations for your summer inspiration

As summer writing season begins for many of you, I encourage you to check out TAA’s library of 100+ textbook and academic writing presentations on demand for inspiration and encouragement. Free for members! Not a member? Join TAA today

Recent presentations include:

Textbook Author Roundtable Q&A

What are your burning questions about textbook authoring? In this one-hour webinar, three award-winning textbook authors answer 15+ questions about authoring a textbook.

Start Any Writing Project Easily With Docear

Docear is a free writing tool that includes mind-mapping and reference manager software. What makes Docear so great to use for writing is that notes and highlighted quotes you create in the .pdf files of your downloaded articles automatically appear in your mind map. In this webinar, S. Jeff Cold, Instructor of Information Technology at Utah Valley University, shows how getting started with your writing project will be easy when everything you want to share is right there in front of you, visually arranged and referenced.

“It’s All Greek to Me”: Translating Statistical Writing

Statistical writing is an important concept to understand for students, academic writers, researchers, and textbook authors alike. This style of writing is different from others because of its focus in formatting, statistical language, and sections of visual data. In this webinar, Ami Hanson, Editor and Content Specialist for Elite Research, LLC, will present not only ways to understand statistical writing but also tips of how to write statistical language clearly in theses and dissertations, journal articles, and grant proposals.

Go Organic! Growing Your Writing Process From Seed to Harvest

In this one-hour webinar with award-winning author and writing coach Cassie Premo Steele, PhD, you will learn ways to move from the seed of an idea for a writing project, through the growth and development stages, and into a sustainable harvest. Practical tips for time management, work-life balance, and self care will be included. Let this be your most productive and nourishing writing year ever!

How to Write an Introduction That Will Get Your Article Accepted

The introduction to your article is arguably the hardest but yet most important section to write. If you don’t convince the editor and reviewers of key things from the start, your article probably won’t be accepted. A classic study by Swales shows that research article introductions tend to follow a specific pattern that your readers expect. In this one-hour webinar, Meagan Kittle Autry, Director of Thesis and Dissertation Support Services at NC State University, explains this pattern, shows you how to make its 3 key moves, and helps you to make a stronger case for your research to get published. As a bonus: this pattern carries over to other important genres you likely write, such as grant proposals.

How to Overcome the Perfectionism, Procrastination & Fatigue That Get in the Way of Your Writing

How do you overcome perfectionism, procrastination, and fatigue? Or more concerning, What do you do when you face writing anxiety that goes beyond “normal”? Based on personal experience, studies of post-traumatic stress recovery, and the work of University of Houston professor Brené Brown, this webinar will walk you through the issues underlying these common challenges. Learn practical how-to’s to overcome stressful or traumatic writing/feedback experiences to develop writing resilience and perseverance to achieve your potential.

Principles of Effective Scientific Writing

From writing grants to authoring scientific papers and textbooks, writing is an imperative skill at any stage of one’s career. Join Kristin Sainani, of Stanford University, for practical tips on how to improve your writing abilities. Learn how to recognize common writing mistakes, write more concisely and clearly, and avoid “academic” writing habits.

Other topics include:

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Publishing Your Academic Article But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Confronting the Anxiety of Academic Writing
  • Pushing Your Writing, Raising Your Profile
  • Selecting a Successor to Write the Next Textbook Editions
  • The Business of Authoring
  • So You Want to Write a Textbook? Here’s How to Do It!
  • Don’t Settle for a Publisher’s Standard Contract: Terms You Can & Should Negotiate
  • Contract Negotiation: E-books & E-rights
  • The 10 Worst Legal Mistakes a Textbook or Academic Author Can Make
  • How Authors Can Navigate Successfully Through Copyright-Related Issues

And many more! Visit the Presentations on Demand to Browse by Topic.

I also encourage you to sign up for these Fall 2015 webinars:

Why You Should Consider ‘Self-Publishing’ and ‘Print-on-Demand’ (July 23)

Designing Your Online Presence to Communicate Your Academic Brand (Sept. 24)

More are being scheduled. Check the Upcoming Webinars listing this summer!

View these webinars, open to members and non-members:

Confronting the Anxiety of Academic Writing

The Art of Revising

Tips & Strategies for Successfully Marketing Your Textbook

The Four Paths to Publishing

The 10 Worst Legal Mistakes a Textbook or Academic Author Can Make