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Busy TAA People: William P. Berlinghoff coauthors 2nd ed. of ‘Math Through the Ages’

Math Through The AgesWilliam BerlinghoffTAA member William P. Berlinghoff, a retired professor of mathematics at Southern Connecticut State University and Colby College, has coauthored (with Fernando Q. Gouvêa) the second edition of Math Through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others, published by Oxton House Publishers.

The first edition, adopted by more than 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States, was awarded the Mathematical Association of America’s prestigious Beckenbach Book Prize in 2007. In the second edition, the number of brief, independent histories (called Sketches) of topics has been increased and now includes conic sections, logarithms, irrational numbers, the tangent function, and derivatives. The overview has also been updated, and the 178-item bibliography has been refined and expanded to include some of the most recent sources, including many new books that are easily readable by non-specialists.

Berlinghoff is the author or coauthor of several college textbooks for liberal arts mathematics and senior writer of MATH Connections, a secondary core curriculum.