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Q&A: Your dissertation as a journal article-Where do you submit it?

Q: “I have an idea for an article based on my dissertation, but I don’t know where to send it. How can I make a reasonable choice?”

A: Tara Gray, presenter of the Publish & Flourish: Become A Prolific Author workshop, sponsored by TAA:

“Ask your colleagues and consider the journals in your own bibliography. Then, query the journal editor by asking him or her if your manuscript fits their understanding of the journal’s mission.”

A: Kären Hess, the author or co-author of more than 30 trade books and college-level textbooks on a variety of topics including financial planning, dental marketing, art, literature, engineering, hospice care, reading, management and report writing:

“Ask your dissertation committee. Do a search of your topic and see what journals come up.”

A: Michael Lennie, Authoring Attorney and Literary Agent, Lennie Literary and Authors’ Attorneys:

“Ask your advisor; or research similar articles to determine their publisher and editor. Obtain several and then contact them to see if they have an interest. The original contact should be by way of a query letter (one well written page) with or without synopsis, sent through snail mail with a SASE.”

A: Richard Hull. Former TAA Executive Director:

“First, consult with your dissertation adviser or other members of your committee. Second, consider the journals whose articles you cited most frequently in the article you propose. Third, do a literature search for the key words of your proposed article, and find where the most frequent citations occur. The other factor is the nature of what you propose to write. Is it an original article that diverts from standard positions taken in literature on your issue? Is it chiefly critical of others’ work? Is it short: a discussion note, focusing on a single experiment or argument? Different journals have different types of articles, so getting familiar with your field’s publications is the best way of fitting yourself into an appropriate niche.”