Featured Member: Motivation, marketing & the ‘easy fix’

Kathleen KingThe Professor's Guide to Taming TechnologyKathleen P. King, professor of Adult and Higher Education at the University of South Florida in Tampa, is an award winning author of 30 books, most recently 147 Tips for Emerging Scholars and The Professor’s Guide to Taming Technology, and more than 175 journal articles and research papers. She is known for her sessions and innovative topics and is a popular international keynote and conference speaker, mentor, and professor. King’s areas of research include instructional technology, faculty development, and mentoring.

Here King shares what motivates her to write, tips on marketing your works, and the ‘easy fix’: [Read more…]

Featured Member: Textbook author shares how to maintain enthusiasm, organize production process

Robert ChristophersonRobert W. Christopherson is Professor Emeritus of Geography at American River College (1970-2000). He is the author of the leading physical geography texts in the U.S. and Canada all published by Pearson Prentice Hall. He and his nature photographer wife Bobbe have completed twelve expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions since 2003, gathering information and photos for his books, Geosystems, 9/e, Elemental Geosystems, 8/e, Geosystems Canadian Edition, 4/e, and Applied Physical Geography, 9/e.

Here Christopherson shares some of the secrets to his success, including the value of building an integrated web for your work, maintaining enthusiasm, and organizing for optimal production. [Read more…]

Busy TAA People: Bill Koenecke forms local writing group

Bill KoeneckeAfter learning that there was no local writing group in Murray, Kentucky, retired Murray State University professor and aspiring textbook author William Koenecke decided to start his own. His first writing group meeting, held Sunday, March 15, attracted 26 authors or aspiring authors, many more than the 5-10 he was expecting.

“We had ‘tons’ of questions during our first meeting, which lasted an hour and 15 minutes,” he said. “One piece of luck is that many of the people who attended Sunday’s meeting have MUCH more expertise and experience in writing and publishing than I have at the present time.”

Koenecke, who has been writing an English grammar, punctuation, and writing book for almost five years that is now close to completion, said he wanted and needed the help of a writing group to accomplish that long-term goal. [Read more…]

Featured Member: Supporting a thriving faculty writing program

Janelle Voegele, Ph.D., and Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D.,

Janelle Voegele, Ph.D., and Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D., Portland State University

As Director for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Office of Academic Innovation at Portland State University (PSU), Janelle Voegele provides strategic direction for educational development programming and campus activities that explore and promote excellence in teaching and learning, encourage practices that respond to changing college environments, and support multiple dimensions of faculty life and work. Janelle has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and has won two student-nominated teaching awards while at PSU.

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Featured Member: Mapping your way to publishing success

Tenure_in_the_Sacred_GroveJoanne CooperJoanne Cooper is a Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is the recipient of numerous teaching and research awards, including the University of Hawaii Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award and the Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Education. Cooper is a certified Courage & Renewal facilitator and founder of the Hawaii Courage to Teach Program.

Cooper has co-authored several books on the topics of writing, leadership, and education, including Tenure in the Sacred Grove, The Constructivist Leader, and Let My Spirit Soar: Narratives of Diverse Women in School Leadership. She has also authored dozens of book chapters, and is widely published in scholarly journals.

Here Cooper shares her tips on mapping your way to publishing success.

TAA: What techniques can you share that have helped you develop your writing process?

Joanne Cooper: “I find that using a ‘modular approach’ when writing makes me a more productive writer. I select a particular sub-topic or chunk that needs writing and then set that as my writing task for the day. Often I use a concept map to organize these sub-topics and decide how to order them in the paper. My coauthor Dannelle Stevens and I have taught concept mapping to many audiences at professional conferences and participants find it SOOO useful!

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Taking humor seriously: How to use humor as a pedagogical tool

Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff

Robert Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker and founder of The Cartoon Bank, is one of the nation’s leading commentators on the role of humor in American politics, business, and life. A frequent guest on network talk shows and Ted talk presenter, Mankoff believes that humor provides a unique approach for making academic writing come to life.

Here Mankoff shares his perspective of how using humor, specifically cartoons, can be an important pedagogical tool for textbook and scholarly journal article authors. [Read more…]

Insights on writing, project development and the value of developing a business structure: An interview with Mike Kennamer

Mike KennamerMike Kennamer currently serves as Director of Workforce Development at Northeast Alabama Community College and is President/CEO of Kennamer Media Group, Inc., a company that provides written and photographic resources in a variety of formats. He has written a number of textbooks, workbooks, instructor resource materials, video scripts, and online content in the health and public safety fields, and has had several articles published in higher education journals.

As a seasoned textbook and journal article author, Kennamer shares his insights on the writing and project development processes and the strategies he has implemented to simplify his business structure. [Read more…]

A student of the POWER writing model: An interview with Brittany Rosen

Brittany Rosen

Brittany Rosen

Brittany Rosen is an assistant professor in the College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Services at the University of Cincinnati. A recent Texas A&M University doctoral graduate, Rosen credits the POWER writing model with providing the structure and strategies that helped her complete her dissertation in a timely manner and achieve publishing success.

Here Rosen explains the benefits of the POWER writing model.

TAA: You are a self-described student of the POWER writing model. Can you briefly explain the basic steps of the model?

Brittany Rosen: “The POWER (Promoting Outstanding Writing for Excellence in Research) writing model encompasses principles and practices allowing you to establish a stress-free writing habit, increase your writing productivity, and improve your quality of writing. [Read more…]

Cutting edge: Using QR codes in a textbook: An interview with Al Trujillo

Al Trujillo Photo for featured member

Al Trujillo during an oceanographic expedition in Antarctica.

Al Trujillo is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Earth Sciences at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. He has worked with his co-author, Hal Thurman, on Essentials of Oceanography (Trujillo and Thurman, Pearson Education) since the 6th edition, and they have also co-authored Introductory Oceanography, which is now in its 10th edition.

Here Trujillo discusses the value and functionality of embedding QR code technology into textbooks: [Read more…]

The value of using social media to broaden your academic reach: An interview with Tanya Golash Boza

Tanya Golash-BozaTanya Golash-Boza, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. She is widely published, with her academic works including academic and trade books, textbook chapters for edited volumes, and journal articles. Currently she is working on two primary projects, one being a book on the lives of people deported from the United States, and the second being a sociology textbook on race and racism. 

Golash-Boza has successfully utilized social media in her academic career for the past several years. She is the author of three popular blogs, including her academic blog entitled Get a Life, PhD, Weekly Tips on How to Succeed in Academia and Have a Life Too.

Here Golash-Boza shares her insights on the value of utilizing social media to broaden your academic reach. [Read more…]