Pedagogy of book and chapter organization

knowledge typesDoes the organization of the textbook relate to pedagogical approaches used to teach with it? What pedagogical perspectives are represented by the organizational style we choose for a book and its chapters? These questions percolated through my work on a recently completed book manuscript. When thinking about the organization of the book, I reflected on ways people read books today and how they use them to learn. [Read more…]

How to create titles for textbook chapters and sections

Assigning titles to chapters and sections is an important part publishingof the craft of textbook writing as titles draw readers in, give students a preview of what they will learn, and reflect the organization of the book. In order to create the best titles possible, authors Vivian Bernstein, Paul Chance, and Dana Loewy recommend that textbook authors focus on making their titles interesting, informative, easily understood, and brief. [Read more…]