12 Ways to use creativity to separate your book project from the competition

Hipster businessman with idea, light bulb above his head, isolated on black backgroundYou’ve determined to dive in and write that monograph or textbook. You know it will be countless hours of work, but it will be worth it. Right?

No one wants to spend time on a “me too” project; going over ground already covered in other books. By spending time up front using creative thinking, you can increase your project’s chance of success. [Read more…]

Poll: Do you write your first drafts free hand or with a word-processing program?

Write freehand or with a word processor?While there are many electronic ways to get your thoughts down on paper, including voice-to-text options, does that in any way hamper your creative process? I find that when I am sitting down to write the first draft, I prefer to use paper and a pen. It allows me to be more free with my thoughts than when I use a word-processing program because I am not distracted by auto-correct or trying to get words in the correct format. [Read more…]