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More Takeaways and ‘Aha’ Moments From 2024 TAA Conference Attendees

The following takeaways and “aha” moments were shared at the end of the Saturday Author Talk session at the 2024 TAA Conference in Nashville June 22:

“Writing is thinking. Remember that one small step can change your life.” – Qian Ji

“I learned two things that were somehow in opposition to one another. The first one is: The journal article is not ‘about’ the data, it is about the story, and the data is there to give support to the story. The second one is: Don’t impose a theme on the evidence, let the theme emerge from the evidence.” – Serena De Stefani

“I learned strategies to simplify and organize writing/content. I learned that my writing can be too dense and I can waste time in providing too much detail. If writing is too dense, then user fewer examples.” – Julie Combs

“I learned that you can use AI to generate images and videos to accompany text. Mind-blowing idea with excellent  examples embedded in presentation.” – Micki Caskey (re: John Bond session)

“I learned about the power to see myself as a writer and so many strategies to cultivate my craft. I learned about the value of coming together to share our knowledge and learn from each other. Connecting with other writers is the biggest treasure I take from participating in this 2024 TAA Conference!” – Nilsa Perez-Cabrera

“One thing I learned at the TAA conference was how to use different kinds of writing journal formats: focused, mind-mapping, and dialogue. These formats encouraged me to keep a writing journal. They will also help me write my projects. Thank you Dr. [Dannelle] Stevens!” – Angelica Ribeiro

“How important it is to begin talking/thinking about author succession when working on your very first book! (We never consider this at the starting line…” – Pat Goodson

“The most important thing I learned was how AI works.” – Bruce Edwards

“I was inspired to explore using podcasts and a YouTube channel.” – Karen Morris

“I enjoyed the people, the power of learning, and the place. The people are my writing friends and acquaintances as well as the accomplices that support our work at the conference. The power of learning is incredibly rewarding and invigorating. And the place – being together in a welcoming and encouraging place. Being present in a space – a place with people and powerful learning. I learned that expressive writing is deepest feelings and thoughts, focused writing is specific topics and questions, and reflective writing reflects on recent experience.” – Micki Caskey

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