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Busy TAA People: TAA member receives nine distinguished academic awards

TAA Member Thomas Luke, Ph.D., was granted nine distinguished Christian academic awards from Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies, seven of which are literary awards for his Ph.D. dissertation book, Invisible Wounds. He also graduated Valedictorian of his class with Summa Cum Laude distinction by earning the highest GPA of his 2023 class, which was a 4.0.

He was also conferred the rank and office of Distinguished Research Professor by the school’s board of regents and will continue his research and teach his curriculum to Ph.D. candidates at Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies and to its chaplains through the Chaplaincy Training Institute.

Other awards he was granted are the:

  • Founding Father of Transformational Theology Award conferred by the board of regents at Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies.
  • Distinguished Research Professor Award, which requires no less than two published textbooks accompanied by curricula for at least one textbook, and no less than 14 years of research, while Dr. Luke has 20 years of combined research within the same discipline.
  • Theological Practicum Award because all three survivors he counseled were integrated from dissociative identity disorder and healed of PTSD within 90 days by using his Spiritual Integration Process, SIP, a central tenet of Transformational Theology that facilitates recovery and integration from traumatic experiences.
  • Theologian’s Dissertation Book Award for his Ph.D. dissertation book, Invisible Wounds. The award is Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies most distinguished academic literary award.
  • Distinguished Curriculum Award for writing an exemplary 20 lesson curriculum within his Ph.D. dissertation book, Invisible Wounds.
  • Chaplain of Mercy Literary Award for his missiology research about Cambodia’s child trafficking epidemic.
  • Distinguished Academic Illustration Award for his Ph.D. dissertation book, Invisible Wounds.

He has also written 33 peer-reviewed journal articles published within the Theological Library of

View his Wikitia page at,_Ph.D.