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Member Spotlight: Charles (Chuck) B. Corbin

Chuck Corbin

Corbin's Concepts of Fitness and Wellness CoverTAA Member Charles (Chuck) B Corbin is a Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions and a textbook author writing in the disciplines of education, physical fitness, and health. His most recent publication is Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach.

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In 2022 Corbin’s Concepts of Fitness and Wellness (McGraw-Hill) was published. With this 13th edition of the book, Chuck Corbin’s name was added to the title. Greg Welk became the first author along with Chuck, who continues to contribute, and co-authors, William Corbin and Karen Welk. The text was first published as Concepts of Physical Education in 1968. The title was changed to Concepts of Physical Fitness in 1985 and was published in 17 editions. Concepts of Physical Fitness earned the McGuffey Award in 1998. The title of Concepts of Fitness and Wellness was then adopted and has now been published in 13 editions. Corbin, and his 50 plus years of publication of the Concepts books, were recently featured in a two part series in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport that also featured Ken Cooper. Cooper’s book Aerobics was published in the same year (1968) as the first Concepts book.

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Receiving TAA’s Textbook Excellence Award for Fitness for Life in 1997 and the McGuffey for Concepts of Physical Fitness in 1998.