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Most useful textbook and academic posts of the week: July 30, 2021

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” ~Oliver Wendell HolmesWriting is a complex process. It involves more than simply a dictionary of words and a style guide for assembling them. It takes creativity, confidence, understanding, editing, and support. This week’s collection of articles from around the web addresses all of these elements and more to support you as an author.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” I challenge you this week to seek new ideas, grow, and create more freely so that your writing can stretch the minds of others. Happy writing!

5 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are So Important for Students

Do students still have to perfect their writing skills? The answer is yes; the majority of learners consider sound writing a huge benefit in their skill sets. We have put the five most common reasons why writing expertise is pivotal to students.

How to present numeric data

When we and others report our research, our purpose must be to explain it as simply as possible to gain the widest possible comprehending readership. This permits people to appreciate and use our research findings, leading to the widest possible opportunity for critique or replication, and so to improvements in our field of research. The act of converting our findings into a simple report format also helps us to understand our own work and its limitations better.

5 Common Mistakes Writers Make That Sabotage Their Success

I’m neither unique nor alone in having made mistakes as a writer that have potentially sabotaged my chance at success. I’ve witnessed these same mistakes among my clients and students. Let’s dig in to the 5 common mistakes writers make and what can be done to correct them and avoid self-sabotage.

Should You Edit As You Go?

Should you edit as you go? This is a question just about every writer asks at one point or another. Part of the reason for the prevalence of the question is that the question is in fact complex and contextual. In short, the answer to “should you edit as you go?” isn’t always a simple yes or no.

Feeling like an imposter? ask “what’s going on here?”

It’s worth asking whether, if we talk about ourselves as “having” imposter syndrome or “suffering from it”, we might be putting on categorical blinkers. It’s worth asking, What else might be going on if I am feeling like a fraud at this moment? What do these feelings tell me?

Writing Doesn’t Need to Be Lonely

After all this time, trying to go through this journey alone, I finally understood what was lacking, and it made all the difference. I reached 40k words and went back to writing, thanks to the group of writers I found. So, even staying home, here are ways to form connections and find a community.