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Member Spotlight: Robert H. Barlow

Excel HSC Business StudiesRobert H. BarlowTAA member Robert H. Barlow is a textbook author and owner of Robert Barlow Educational Consultants.

Writing in the law discipline, he has had ten titles published since 1992. The three most recent are: Excel HSC Business Studies (2016) (update), Excel Preliminary Business Studies (update), and Excel Preliminary Legal Studies (2016) (update).

What are you currently working on?
Writing textbooks to comply with new grade 11 and 12 curriculum in the states of Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Share a recent accomplishment.
Presentation of paper at the 2017 TAA annual conference in Providence RI: 10 Tips to Enhance Your Writing and Take the Stress Out of Polishing Your Work. To me, it was a great honour to have my proposal accepted and to make this presentation to a most distinguished audience.

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?
Dot the is and cross the ts. In other words, pay attention to detail and don’t take anything for granted.

What is your best TAA experience so far?
2016 and 2017 Annual Conferences.