Blogging Do’s & Don’ts

Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander

Veteran blogger Joel Friedlander, author of the highly successful blog, suggests following these basic Do’s and Don’ts in order to most effectively utilize blogging as a marketing tool.

Do Post Irresistible Content, as it is the cornerstone of a successful site.

Do Optimize Search Magnetism, by utilizing keywords to drive traffic to your site.

Do Network for Success, by commenting and guest posting on other sites. This network provides an excellent platform for launching a virtual book tour.

Don’t Use Boring Headlines, you need interesting titles to draw in readers.

Don’t Post Dull Prose, make the content readable, fun, and engaging.

Don’t Fall into the Trap of Poor Formatting, avoid the use of long blocks of uninterrupted text.

More blogging tips are available on Friedlander’s podcast entitled “Author Blogging: How to Attract Readers” which can be found here.

Friedlander is the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish.

The value of blogging about your textbook

Kathleen Almy

Kathleen Almy

As a supplement to a February 2012 TAA webinar, “The Benefits of Blogging About Your Textbook”, presented by Kevin Patton, TAA created a group in the social media site LinkedIn to allow participants to interact with both Patton and each other prior to the webinar.

This special LinkedIn group spurred some terrific discussions and insight from other TAA members, such as Kathleen Almy, associate professor of mathematics at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois.

Almy is piloting a new developmental math course called Mathematical Literacy for College Students related to Carnegie’s Quantway initiative, and is blogging about the book being written for it and the course pilot, in her blog, “Rebel with a Cause”.

Following is an excerpt from a discussion by the group in which Almy answers some questions about her blog posed by other group members: [Read more…]