Can I help you in any way? Quoting sources

Can I help you in any way? Quoting sources“Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way?” If you’ve browsed our TAA website, you’ve likely seen those words in the chat box that appears on the screen. We’re often asked by visitors if we’re “real”. Then those who realize that we are, and that we are there to help, ask questions that you may have as well.

In this series of “Can I help you in any way?” posts, we’re highlighting some of the questions people have asked through the TAA Live Chat feature of our site and the responses we have for those questions. In this post, we’re focused on a question about properly quoting source information. [Read more…]

5 Cool resources I learned about at #2015TAA

5 Cool Resources I Learned About at #2015TAAThis year’s TAA conference sessions were jam-packed with great tips, strategies and take-aways. Here are just 5 of the cool resources I learned about at #2015TAA:

Quizlet provides free study tools and apps for students and teachers. It has transformed the traditional paper studying methods, such as flash cards, matching games, and multiple choice tests, into digital interactive tools that can be shared by students and teachers worldwide. [Read more…]