Academic writing: Counting words of meaning?

Academic WriterOur priorities are reflected in our sense of professional identity. Are you an academic or a writer? Are you an instructor/researcher/research supervisor/committee member/conference presentation planner (not to mention parent, community volunteer and…) who is compelled to write in order to get, keep, or advance in a desired career? Do you see yourself as a writer who uses what you learn from your life and work to inspire others? Or are you looking for the right balance? [Read more…]

TAA’s online community challenge goal has been met!

Met goalA big thank you to everyone who participated in TAA’s Online Community Challenge by uploading a photo, updating their status, and/or participating in a circle by starting or responding to a discussion! Your participation has helped us get our online community off the ground!

Laura Bowles

Laura Bowles won a Kindle Fire HD in TAA’s Online Community Challenge.

Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez won a $50 Amazon gift card in TAA’s Online Community Challenge.

The winners of the challenge are Laura Bowles, who won a Kindle Fire HD, and Angel Rodriguez, who won a $50 Amazon gift card. Congratulations Laura and Angel!

Keep the conversations going! If you have not already visited the TAA online community and joined the Academic Writing & Publishing Circle and/or Textbook Writing & Publishing Circle, I encourage you to do so. Your fellow members are here to serve as a resource as you kick off your summer writing goals.