Do Proliferating Ideas Threaten to Overtake You?

Do ideas flood your brain like a herd gone wild? Are you flailing around, physically and metaphorically, trying to corral them and drive them into the barn? Going mad trying to figure out how to use them all?

I am almost constantly barraged by ideas for essays, stories, poems, novel slivers, quirky descriptions, and metaphoric pearls. Ideas surface everywhere: as I work on the current creative piece, edit clients’ manuscripts, wash dishes, huff through workouts, wait on line, watch people, meditate, fall asleep, and even at business dinners.

Are You Using Writing Models? If Not, You Should Be. Here is How and Why.

First, you may be asking, “What is a writing model?” A writing model is an example of writing like the one you need to produce.

Allow me to illustrate. Very early in my graduate program, I had never read a dissertation. But I knew I needed to write one. The best advice I received was to familiarize myself with the structure of a finished dissertation. I found dissertations that students in my own program had successfully written and defended under the guidance of my advisor.

2023 TAA Virtual Conference Attracted 120 Registrants, Received Rave Reviews

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2023 TAA Conference on Textbook and Academic Authoring June 9-10. 

More than 120 academic authors, textbook authors, and industry professionals participated in the two-day virtual conference, which received rave reviews, including:

”Thank you for an engaging and helpful session! Your specific examples from your own life were especially helpful, as well as the activities that made me think about my own writing.” (Empowering Joyful Writing by Tracey Hodges) – Jennifer Nelson

“Took away some great ideas for giving feedback to doctoral students but also what and when to ask for feedback myself.” (The Feedback Conundrum: How to Ask for What You Want to Get What You Need, by Wendi Zimmer and Erin McTigue) – Donna Elkins

Academic Publisher Conducting Qualitative Research Project Needs Your Help  

Academic publisher De Gruyter is seeking humanities and social science authors willing to share their experiences publishing a book with an academic publisher and/or their plans to publish in the future as part of a qualitative research study they are conducting.

The study includes a 50-60-minute interview following a short survey that qualifies and prepares you for the interview process. Those who complete the qualitative interview will receive a $75 Amazon voucher. De Gruyter is being assisted in the research project by Prolifiko Consulting, owned by TAA member Christine Tulley. Complete the survey