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Using an Epoxy Glue Analogy to Explain the Usefulness of Generative AI

By J. Anomdeplume

As to AI, here is the Epoxy Analogy. Wood-joiners have always required skill & patience. They use angled cuts & precise drilling to join wood for furniture and more. Then came epoxy glue.

Even at the private-workshop level, not in any factory, speed of production increased. It was a parallel to the Industrial Revolution. With, say, 24 hours of set time, wood-joiners now went on to other Projects, having invested only 10 percent of their “before the advent of epoxy” time on Project One. Economy of scale blossomed.

Skillful mastery of “the prompts” inside Generative Arti-Intel is required. Skillful mastery of applying epoxy is required.

Our Society values strong epoxy, at 100 units per 100 man hours. Our Society admires, in no diminished way, joinery by skilled wood-joiners, at 10 units per 100 man hours.

We Writers know that masses of Readers say, “Why would I care?” We focus, more intelligently, on How:

1: How will Writers hopefully parallel the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s?

2: How will Society valuate (the increased volume of) Generative A I?

3: How will Writers, by self-regulation, keep government out of it?

Thunderbird, the grad school of international management, got John (the “J” of J. Anomdeplume) to Phoenix. There he married into a family now reaching down to 14 great-grands. At the behest of his dad, PhD L. W. Hodges, John joined TAA where “way-cool” things like Geo-primers and talking law at cocktail parties keep him intrigued.