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Most useful textbook and academic posts of the week: April 1, 2022

“Love the writing, love the writing, love the writing… the rest will follow.” ~Jane YolenJane Yolen once said, “Love the writing, love the writing, love the writing… the rest will follow.” As authors, hopefully we all “love the writing”, but that doesn’t mean that writing is easy or that the things needed to support our writing efforts come naturally.

In this collection of articles from around the web, we found advice on common essay writing mistakes, time management processes, and tackling writer’s block. We also found a review of open data in research over the past decade and funding advice for using kickstarter as authors. Finally, we found marketing tips for assessing the competition on Kindle and examples of quality book trailers.

As you write this week (or support your writing with other authoring tasks), love what you do! Happy writing!

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Write an Essay

These top 5 mistakes in essay writing are very frequent. You will definitely recognize yours on that list. Just try to pay attention to these common essay mistakes and avoid them by all means. It will help you succeed with your research and increase your writing skills and grades a lot. You will also make the writing process automatic instead of struggling each time.

Why Is Time Management Important for Successful Project Delivery?

The key to mastering successful project delivery is effective time management. It is the process that involves planning, scheduling, and managing projects milestones, tasks, etc., from beginning till the end so that a project is completed within a specific schedule. This article highlights the importance of project time management and elaborates on the best practices to streamline it.

Tackling writer’s block

I try to follow the research on writer’s block. I’m interested in solutions. But of course solutions are always related to the understandings of the problem and so some descriptions of writing blocks are more useful than others. The most recent paper I read on writer’s block looked for both better descriptions and some solutions.

A Decade of Open Data in Research — Real Change or Slow Moving Compliance?

While a lot of the focus is on incentive structures and the burden for researchers, the academic community should not lose focus on the potential ‘seismic’ benefits that open data can have for reproducibility and efficiency in research, as well as the ability to move further and faster when it comes to knowledge advancement.

Kickstarter For Authors With Monica Leonelle

Would you like to successfully crowdfund your book on Kickstarter? Monica Leonelle shares practical and mindset tips for creating the right kind of project, as well as mistakes to avoid, and how to satisfy fans — and make money with your books.

Using KDSPY to Optimize Your Book Marketing

Called “The Ultimate Kindle Spy Tool,” KDSPY is probably one of the most valuable tools an author can utilize. This unique software application essentially reverse engineers the Kindle marketplace and shows you which niches sell well, which have much or little competition, and how much revenue the top-selling books in that niche have made in the last thirty days.

9 Best Book Trailers of All Time

In case you didn’t know: book trailers are to books what movie trailers are to movies. And sometimes, they can even look like movie trailers, with full sets, actors, and dialogue. Some book trailers lean towards illustration and stylization without including voiceover, and some look like they came straight from a blockbuster studio.