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Member Spotlight: Cason Murphy

The World at Play: Performance from the Audience's PerspectiveTAA Member Cason MurphyCason Murphy is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Iowa State University and a textbook and academic author in the theater, music studies, dance studies, media studies, critical reinterpretation of the canon, and contemporary performance practices writing disciplines. His latest publication is The World at Play: Performance from the Audience’s Perspective.

Since he just completed his first textbook earlier this year, he is engaged in several smaller projects for now: a few performance reviews for theatre journals; fleshing out an essay from a conference proceeding on teaching a musical theatre performance class during the pandemic; and a survey of several video game-inspired theatrical performances that resulted from experimentation over the past 20 months.

Share a recent accomplishment.

I was just recently awarded the 2021 Iowa State University Award for Early Achievement in Teaching, for which I was nominated by my department, colleagues, and students. Truly an incredible honor!

What is your favorite textbook writing tip or strategy?

I have found creating a productivity playlist of music is, pardon the pun, instrumental to my writing practice. My students in particular have suggested some excellent ambient music that helps me focus.

What is your best TAA experience so far?

The textbook nomination has been a highlight, but I have enjoyed exploring the myriad opportunities and resources provided with this membership. I may have to check out the Writing Gym or take advantage of the hour of free editing soon!