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Call for nominations to TAA Council

TAA logoAs a member-driven organization, TAA relies on members’ willingness to get involved in governance and other activities of the association. The TAA Governance Committee announces a call for nominations for two open Council positions and three Officer roles. Nominations are submitted online and must be received by Friday, March 1, 2019. 

The term for Council positions is three years, with terms starting July 1, 2019. Council members are required to attend two meetings per year, one in January (usually in St. Petersburg, Florida, but subject to change) and one the day prior to the association’s annual conference, held traditionally in June. Most travel and lodging expenses related to attending these meetings are reimbursed. Any member of TAA is eligible to serve on the Council.

The three Officer positions that will be open in this election are: Vice-President/President-Elect; Treasurer; and Secretary. Each officer position has a two-year term; the Vice-President normally rises to the role of President after his or her two-year term as VP, subject to the final approval of Council.

The TAA Governance Committee reviews nominations for TAA Council positions, determines the final composition of the ballot, and oversees the election process. The TAA By-Laws charge the Governance Committee to develop the slate of nominees “to achieve, in its judgment, the optimal balance” that includes “maintaining an overall balance and diversity of perspectives, bringing needed expertise and experience onto Council, and, encouraging member participation not only in Governance but also in other activities of the TAA.”

If you are interested in nominating a TAA member for service on the TAA Council or a self-nomination, submit your nomination.