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Dulfano receives TAA Publication Grant

Indigenous Feminist Narratives- I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way Isabel Dulfano, an associate professor of Spanish at the University of Utah, received a TAA Publication Grant to defray expenses related to the publication of her book, Indigenous Feminist Narratives- I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way, published by Palgrave Pivot MacMillan.

“It is an honor to receive funding for the publication of my book from TAA,” said Dulfano. “This grant allowed me to work closely with a copyeditor and indexer, so as to complete this book project in a timely and professional manner.”

Her research has focused on narratives written by, and about, Latin American contemporary feminist writers, Indigenous feminist knowledge producers, and Chicana authors. From canonical Isabel Allende and Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú to lesser known contemporary literary figures, such as those appearing in Indigenous Feminist Narratives- I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way, she channels silenced voices to academic and public audiences.

Dulfano’s book analyzes the literary representation of Indigenous women in Latin American letters from colonization to the twentieth century. Those paradigms and stereotypes have shaped our views of Native women who have been exploited, abused and silenced. However, the book argues that contemporary theorization of Indigenous feminism deconstructs that denigratory imagery and offers a (re)signification, (re)semantization and (re)invigoration of the referent Indigenous woman.

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