Poll: Do you write your first drafts free hand or with a word-processing program?

While there are many electronic ways to get your thoughts down on paper, including voice-to-text options, does that in any way hamper your creative process? I find that when I am sitting down to write the first draft, I prefer to use paper and a pen. It allows me to be more free with my thoughts than when I use a word-processing program because I am not distracted by auto-correct or trying to get words in the correct format.

Poll: Have you made any writing-related resolutions for 2015?

Making writing-related New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to kickstart your writing in the new year. But just making a resolution isn’t enough. You also need a plan and support to keep you on track. If your resolution is to finish your textbook or complete your dissertation, you will need to break that project up into manageable steps and create deadlines that will keep you on track. You might also want to join a writing group to provide feedback and support along the way. If your resolution is to write every day, you will need to decide what time of day works best for you, create a writing space that is free of distractions, and let your friends and family know you are not available during your writing time.