Tech Tip: Managing academic reference sources in Microsoft Word

Students in libraryAlthough a number of software tools are now available for managing citations and references for research papers and journal articles, I have found that using the tools built into the latest versions of Microsoft Word provide a single tool for document creation and reference source management. The reference features of Word support a variety of manuscript styles, allow for quick and accurate citations, automate the development of bibliography or works cited pages, and support the reuse of sources across multiple documents with ease.

In this article, I will discuss the basic steps for implementing the tools to manage your academic reference sources in Microsoft Word. [Read more…]

Tips on software for writers

Q: “I’d appreciate any advice about what kind of writing software is available (for academic social sciences). I use WordPerfect with EndNote, but need to upgrade, and haven’t looked at other programs in several years. Has EndNote gotten any easier to use? Is Word avoidable? Is there any flexible and useful outlining software?”

A: Richard Hull, TAA Executive Director:

“I put Stephen’s question to a professional book producer and got the following answer:

‘This person sounds strongly biased against Word, which is typical of many people who learned their craft on Word Perfect. For them, learning Word is annoying; like learning a second language that shares so many features of the mother tongue, they frequently get confused and prefer their familiar language. As annoying and rigid as I find them, I know that I am equally biased toward Word for equally annoying reasons (in fact, the same reasons!).

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