Do you need a literary agent?

Fancy lunchLiterary agents conjure up so many images in the book culture. Two of the most common ones might be fabulous lunches at expensive New York restaurants or excited phone calls about a book auction. Let’s dive into what a literary agent is and examine if you need one.

A literary agent (let’s just call them agent from here on out) represents writers and their written works to publishers. They assist in the sale and negotiation between the writer and the publisher. They are not editors or publishers. They prefer your work to be in its final form or very close to it. [Read more…]

Why you might want to consider hiring a literary agent to help you negotiate your next textbook contract

Michael Lennie

Michael Lennie

Authoring Attorney and Literary Agent Michael Lennie, of Lennie Literary & Author’s Attorneys, answers some questions about the advantages of hiring a literary agent to represent you when negotiating a textbook contract:

Q: How often are you hired as an agent for textbook authors?

Lennie: “A rough estimate would be 5-8 times a year, and the number is slowly growing.” [Read more…]