How to include your publications in your LinkedIn profile

linkedinSo your LinkedIn profile includes your current work, your relevant experience, and perhaps some interests as well. But what about the work that textbook and academic authors alike pour so much of ourselves (and our time) into – our publications?

Fortunately, there are a couple simple ways you can incorporate your publications into your profile to highlight all that work. [Read more…]

The most useful textbook & academic posts of the week: February 16, 2018

"Writing is my passion, not my job. I need to write as much as I need to breathe, if not more." ~A.E. CroftIs writing your passion? As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, we look at some of the articles focused on ways to make what we love to do – textbook and academic writing – even better. Included in the list are ways to de-stuff your writing, appropriately incorporate illustrations, and combat isolation through peer writing groups. From a technical perspective, topics of quantitative set analysis, methodology, social bookmarking with reading lists, peer review processes, and Open Access also make the list of topics.

As you continue your writing efforts this week, reflect on the significance of your contribution and the love of writing that consumes your practice. As A.E. Croft put it, “Writing is my passion, not my job. I need to write as much as I need to breathe, if not more.” [Read more…]

5 Must-use social media tools for academics

You know the old adage “work smarter, not harder”? Computer tool ket.That’s exactly what the following tools will help you do when it comes to sharing, creating, and scheduling messages for your social media platforms. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of tools available on the web, the five listed below—ones I actually use frequently and love—are user-friendly and excellent resources for you as an academic using social media. Did I mention that these tools will also help save you time?! So get creating, get sharing, and get social with these five must-use social media tools: [Read more…]

5 Cool resources I learned about at #2015TAA

5 Cool Resources I Learned About at #2015TAAThis year’s TAA conference sessions were jam-packed with great tips, strategies and take-aways. Here are just 5 of the cool resources I learned about at #2015TAA:

Quizlet provides free study tools and apps for students and teachers. It has transformed the traditional paper studying methods, such as flash cards, matching games, and multiple choice tests, into digital interactive tools that can be shared by students and teachers worldwide. [Read more…]