Most useful textbook and academic posts of the week: January 4, 2019

New YearThe new year is always an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In this first week of 2019, we begin our collection of posts with two that look back at works from 1923 which have now entered the public domain and the related future of copyright reform. We continue with a couple posts focused on how writing is taught at the college level and advice for PhDs and PhD seekers interviewing and networking at conferences this year. Finally, we have found a few articles focused on the publishing industry at large, including the future of PLOS, open access publishing, and “The Great Acceleration”.

Whatever your writing efforts have in store this week, we hope the new beginnings of a new year provide time for reflection, preparation, and anticipation of what is to come. Happy Writing! [Read more…]

How to obtain permission, use the public domain

Copyrighted work can be used even if not fair use or under another statutory limitation if you get permission, said Barbara Waxer, co-author of Internet Surf and Turf: The Essential Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Finding Media. How do you get permission? Write a letter or send an e-mail to the copyright holder, she said: “The alternative is to receive a letter asking you to cease and desist using the copyright holder’s work. If you receive such a letter you need to take it seriously.” [Read more…]