Learn about the latest court rulings in the Google Books Case

copyrightOn October 16th, a U.S. federal appeals court ruled in favor of Google and against the Authors Guild in a copyright infringement case that began 10 years ago over Google’s controversial book scanning project. Listen to a recording of The Copyright Clearance Center’s webinar, “A New High-Water Mark on Transformative Use? Update on the Google Books Case”, with attorney Lois Wasoff on the latest court rulings in the Google Books Case.

Authors groups lose fight against Google Book Search

New York Federal Judge Denny Chin ruled November 14 that Google’s Book Search project meets the definition of fair use under copyright law, dismissing a class-action lawsuit brought by The Authors Guild and other groups that began in 2005. Chin said that Google’s use of book snippets as a way to facilitate books searches is “transformative”, and that in his view, provides “significant public benefits”, especially to readers, scholars and researchers. [Read more…]