Self-editing: Making your work its best possible self

self-editingThe thought of editing your work evokes many responses. While some people do enjoy refining their writing, some people view it as a chore. Others feel insecure about their ability to edit anything, let alone their own work.

Here are some self-editing best practices to smooth the tasks ahead: [Read more…]

Subconscious productivity: Accessing your inner self

As a Subconcious Mindwriter, I battle with procrastination, always have. At times I also find it strangely hard to revise my work. But in graduate school I hit upon a way of using my procrastination to produce nearly final copy the first time. The “method” was suggested to me by reading the Autobiography of Bertrand Russell. [Read more…]

It’s not over until it’s edited

Diane Feldman

Diane Feldman

At last your manuscript is complete. The end is in sight. All that’s left is the editing….

Authors who have seen their books through publication know that if the manuscript has not been edited, the end may be quite far from sight. Editing involves much more than most people realize—it can run the gamut from advice about organization and point of view to checking for typos and misplaced commas.

The work can entail so many different activities that an entire vocabulary has evolved to describe different types of editing goals or tasks: content editing, production editing, formatting, style checking, proofreading, policy editing, and integrity editing, to name just a few. Common editing tasks can be broadly categorized as follows: [Read more…]

How a copy editor can help you polish your work

Laura Poole

Laura Poole

As a professional freelance copy editor, I have the pleasure and honor of working with publishers and authors of scholarly titles. I have known authors who resisted copy editing (or any kind of editing), and publishers who won’t pay for a thorough edit of a manuscript. Sadly, these occurrences generally result in inferior work being published.

You may wonder why you should work with an editor at any stage of your writing. Working with an editor that you hire can help prepare your book for a publisher by making it clearer, effective, and easier to read. Most reputable publishing houses will have copyediting done as part of the process of publishing to clean up your text and make sure it conforms to the publisher’s style. [Read more…]