Hull receives award for Best Article of the Year

Richard HullAn article co-authored by TAA member Richard Hull was awarded Best Article of the Year by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, presented at their annual meeting in October 2013 in Orlando. The article, “Considerations of Informed Consent by Proxy in Pediatric Optometry”, coauthored by Paul Abplanalp, was published in Optometry & Vision Development (V. 43., No. 2, 2012).

How to extract articles from your dissertation

When I finally got around to writing my dissertation writing tree(that’s another story), I realized that its organization easily fell into several relatively self-contained chapters. Once I defended, I needed to convert as much of the dissertation to publishable articles as I could, for the “hound of tenure” was fast on my heels.

I realized that I had written each chapter with a possible article based on it already in mind. In philosophy one often takes on positions articulated by others, and seeks to attack them in a way that makes one’s own view more plausible and defended against those who would, or should, attack it. So, I “carved” the dissertation into three chunks and wrote them up as independent articles. I sent them to the same journals that had published the articles I was attacking, and they were accepted (usually subject to some revisions). Hence, my first three publications, followed by a fourth when one of my attackees sought to defend himself in print. Those, plus a couple of short pieces, secured a tenured appointment. [Read more…]