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32 Ways to market yourself with no money + some time (for academics)

During part two of author, workshop leader, and coach Meggin McIntosh’s TAA webinar, “Marketing? You’re Kidding Me! I’m an Academic! Marketing That Matters“, she shared these 32 ways academics can market themselves with no money, but some time.

1) Use social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs in ALL various ways possible that will allow you to promote you and what you offer. Show people that you are the expert.

2) Phone prospective clients and current clients to follow-up and ask for referrals, references, “what worked?”, and the like.

3) Create name tags with your logo and/or tag line.

4) Write notes to people.

5) Attend worthwhile (to you) networking events (and access the “Networking for Introverts” class, which is one of my most popular).

6) Offer free teleseminars to build your list, either by offering them yourself or inviting a guest. If you do not currently have a shopping cart, which is how most people gather emails and deliver the information about a class or other offering, look into getting one. The main idea is that you need and want to have a database and you don’t want to be trying to maintain it yourself using Outlook or Excel.

7) Seek PR. Check into HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get TONS of leads every day.

8) Speak for free.

9) Write articles for various article directories (e.g., for LinkedIn or View many of the articles I have written for LinkedIn here. If you’ve never written lots of short articles (quickly), you’re welcome to check it out:

10) Create compelling email signatures (and feel free to vary them).

11) Donate services to various groups and makes sure to get media attention.

12) Donate services through raffles at various charity events. Get attention.

13) Put your business card in with all your bills you are paying.

14) Ask for referrals.

15) Partner with others – take the time to collaborate and come up with win-win ideas for both of you.

16) Do a workshop at a bookstore related to your area of expertise. Even if you don’t have a book, talk to the bookstore about featuring books related to your topic. It’s a definite winner for both of you.

17) Have a display booth at a local event.

18) Make sure your checks have your website on them (write it if it’s not already printed on there).

19) Send a “lumpy email” to a selected few key clients or hoped-for clients.

20) Write your own blog.

21) Post guest blogs.

22) Put a large eye-catching label on your laptop so that anytime you open it, your logo or a message about you shows on the lid.

23) Work on your website to constantly optimize its impact and offerings.

24) Create contests.

25) Write thank you notes – often!

26) Do book signings.

27) Send out coupons – use mail, fax, email, or hand them out at events.

28) Use the back of your business card for something interesting related to what you do. It’s prime real estate. Don’t leave it blank.

29) Submit sets of Top Ten Productivity Tips so I can promote you. If you know something that will help others do their work easier, faster, and with a sense of peaceful productivity, then send those in. There are 6 different series now and I have guest authors for some weeks. I’d be delighted to include you – and you will be promoted for years. It’s not a one-time thing.

30) Conduct research, which you are able to then report back to people. It keeps extending your expertise and your recognition as an expert. For example, surveys, focus groups, R&D teams, and interviews.

31) Make a phone call today to ask for something – be bold!

32) Watch what other people do – and learn what seems to work.

Watch Meggin’s full two-part webinar in TAA’s library of presentations on demand.