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The most useful textbook & academic writing posts of the week: December 18, 2015

keep calm and write somethingThe end of the semester has arrived. It’s time to reflect, reassess, and keep moving your writing projects forward. Have you given any thought to your goals lately? What about your New Year’s resolutions? The best part about resolutions, even if you don’t believe in them, is that they offer a fresh start. You can forget about the “bad” habits of last year and focus on replacing them with better ones. Now is an excellent time to start reflecting on this past year—remembering to be proud of all your accomplishments!—and thinking about all you hope to achieve in the new one.

Happy writing!

Interview with Sara Cohen, Editor at Temple University Press
Insight into what every book proposal should include and advice for making your proposal stick out from the rest are given from Editor at Temple University Press, Sara Cohen. Cohen also shares common mistakes she sees and how to avoid them.

The Dreaded Question
Help your family and friends avoid awkward moments—and help you keep your sanity—this holiday season by passing this article on to them.

Nine Tips to Productive Revision
These nine tips on the revision process are excellent. Number nine, especially, is a necessary reminder for us all.

blogging helps academic writing
Pat Thomson shares what benefits blogging has for academics. The points she makes are both excellent and valid. I’m a strong advocate of blogging and encourage all of you to blog! (For interesting data on why doctoral researchers blog, check out this post by Thomson.)

Read This Google Email About Time Management Strategy
Are you a manager or a maker? For time management advice and why you should be a “maker,” read this article by head of product marketing at Google Apps for Work, Jeremiah Dillon.

Day of One of Circuit Training for Scholars
Circuit training for writers! You can however, as Rich Furman says, “keep your kettlebells and battle ropes locked in the closet; this is going to be about writing!” There are five posts—all from this week, with the final one being posted today—with a daily writing challenge, so make sure to check out all five.