Lucander receives TAA Publication Grant

David LucanderWinning the War for DemocracyDavid Lucander, an instructor of Pluralism & Diversity at Rockland Community College, was awarded a TAA Publication Grant to cover indexing costs for his book, Winning the War for Democracy: The March on Washington Movement, 1941-1946, to be published by the University of Illinois Press in August 2014.

“I teach at a community college that does not have a lot of resources for scholarly publishing, so TAA support is especially vital,” said Lucander.  “A well-made index makes the book so much more user-friendly for readers and researchers, but it’s a daunting task to do well when teaching a huge course load and juggling other responsibilities. Professional indexers are worth every penny, and the TAA helped make it possible for me to hire one of the best.” [Read more…]