Dulfano receives TAA Publication Grant

Indigenous Feminist Narratives- I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way Isabel Dulfano, an associate professor of Spanish at the University of Utah, received a TAA Publication Grant to defray expenses related to the publication of her book, Indigenous Feminist Narratives- I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way, published by Palgrave Pivot MacMillan.

“It is an honor to receive funding for the publication of my book from TAA,” said Dulfano. “This grant allowed me to work closely with a copyeditor and indexer, so as to complete this book project in a timely and professional manner.”
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Rossi receives TAA Publication Grant

Federico M. RossiFederico Rossi, at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella – CONICET, received a TAA Publication Grant to defray expenses for copyediting related to the publication of his journal article entitled, “The Second Wave of Incorporation in Latin America: A Conceptualization of the Quest for Inclusion Applied to Argentina”, published by Wiley in Latin American Politics and Society (57:1).

“The support TAA gave me is crucial to allowing me to sustain my productivity in English,” said Rossi. “Before knowing TAA, I was quite worried about needing to reduce my publication plans because of lack of resources. Now I know that I can count on TAA!”
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Adedinifard receives TAA Publication Grant

Familiar and ForeignMostafa AbedinifardPhD Candidate Mostafa Abedinifard received a TAA Publication Grant to support the publication of his chapter, “Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis: Dialogues with Self and Other through Content and Form”, in the academic book, Familiar and Foreign: Identity in Iranian Film and Literature, which will be published by Athabasca University Press in April 2015.

“Having been a member of TAA for only several months, I feel very much excited to find my application for a Publication Grant accepted by the Association,” he said. “This is the type of support I have not been able to find locally. As a PhD Candidate, I find the grant highly reassuring as I am concluding my own program of study. Thanks TAA!”
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