Schulman receives TAA Publication Grant

Vanessa SchulmanVanessa Schulman, an Assistant Professor in the School of Art at Illinois State University, received a TAA Publication Grant to support the publication of her book, Works Sights: The Visual Culture of Industry in Nineteenth-Century America, which will be published by the University of Massachusetts Press in January 2016.

“In my field, permissions fees for reproducing works of art can cost hundreds of dollars,” she said. “As an art historian, I am grateful to TAA for their financial assistance; this grant means I can afford to include the images necessary to support my book’s argument.”
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Maximize your chances of being published: Know the journal’s style expectations

Tips of the Trade ImageQ: “How do I find out what a journal’s style expectations are?”

A: Kären Hess, the author or co-author of more than 30 trade books and college-level textbooks on a variety of topics including financial planning, dental marketing, art, literature, engineering, hospice care, reading, management and report writing:

“Most journals publish their manuscript requirements (usually at the end of the journal). Also, read several articles from the journal(s) of interest to see what gets published.”

A: Michael Lennie, Authoring Attorney and Literary Agent, Lennie Literary and Authors’ Attorneys:

“Ask for the journal’s style sheet; go to their website; or ask the editor.”

A: Richard Hull. TAA Executive Director:

“Most journals that are strongly edited will provide a style guide, either in each issue of the journal or on the website of the journal. It is extremely important to maximizing your chances to conform your submission to the journal’s style when you first submit it. Doing so shows you care about the look of your work as well as the problems that editors have; anything you can do to minimize editorial work will be very appreciated, and can move you into a sooner rather than later publication.”