Textbook project multi-tasking: An interview with Karen Timberlake

Karen and Bill Timberlake

Karen Timberlake and her coauthor husband Bill.

Karen Timberlake has been writing chemistry textbooks for over 35 years, publishing more than 50 texts including subsequent editions, and support manuals. She is a Professor Emerita of Chemistry at Los Angeles Valley College, where she taught chemistry for 36 years.

Over the years Timberlake’s name has become associated with the strategic use of pedagogical tools that promote student success in chemistry and the application of chemistry to real-life situations. More than one-million students have learned chemistry using texts, laboratory materials, and study guides written by Timberlake.

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How to create textbook supplements

Karen Timberlake

Karen Timberlake

Chemistry author Karen Timberlake created a website for the seventh edition of her textbook, Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Inorganic and Biological Chemistry (now in its 10th edition) several years ago, before publishers entered the Internet and began adding online materials such as website supplements to textbook packages.

At Timberlake’s website, students can access learning and teaching activities that complement both her chemistry classes for allied health and her Chemistry textbook, including:

CheModules: PowerPoint Tutorials (PPTS) use mini-lectures and short learning checks to actively engage students in learning.

ChemLinks: Web sources related to each of the topics may enhance a student’s study and learning.

LecturePLUS: Chemodules using (PPTS) develop important chemistry concepts for many topics in the allied health and preparatory chemistry courses.

Books: These give more information on the textbook and supplements.

Quizzes: Self-graded quizzes give practice and immediate feedback on topics covered in chemistry for allied health.
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