Most useful textbook and academic posts of the week: June 26, 2020

“Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.”Just “shut up and write”. Right? It seems simple to be a writer, until you realize that it’s not. Writer’s block, editing, reviews and criticism, etc. place barriers in a process that on the surface is quite simple. However, when we stop writing, we stop moving forward. When we blame the culture, environment, timing, or circumstances around us we avoid failure. But, we also avoid progress.

In this week’s collection of articles from around the web, we see a lot of opportunities to avoid progress as well as ways to embrace change and opportunity. How you perceive the content in this collection will determine your continued success as an author. Whether facing changes and challenges related to COVID-19, equity, open access, and accessibility issues or embracing opportunities for marketing, managing your time, grant seeking, and overall success, this collection has something to learn.

Someone once said, “Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.” This week, let’s focus on failing forward together. Happy writing! [Read more…]

Busy TAA People: Kathleen King co-authors new book for higher education professionals

Kathleen King147 Practical Tips for Emerging ScholarsTAA member Kathleen King co-authored a new book, 147 Practical Tips for Emerging Scholars: From Publishing to Time Management, Grant Seeking, and Beyond. The book, published by Atwood Publishing, presents readers with a much-needed guide to the varied ins and outs of a career in higher education. Advocating detailed planning and clear priorities, the authors have crafted a thorough and accessible book to simplify and de-stress the navigation of a scholar’s world. Their pragmatic and detailed tips offer advice on crucial topics including writing grants, research, working with technology, collaboration, and mentoring.