A veteran textbook author’s insights on contracts, coauthoring & more

Veteran textbook author Frederic (“Ric”) Martini, lead author of ten undergraduate texts on anatomy and physiology or anatomy, shares his insights on publishing contracts, author collaboration, and more. [Read more…]

Lawyer: Rosy textbook co-author prospects can sour

Textbook PublishingAlthough co-authorship has many advantages, there are also meaningful risks that no one likes to contemplate at the outset of the relationship, said Stephen Gillen, an attorney with Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P. “There are many stresses and many opportunities for the relationship to sour and much temptation at finger pointing,” he said. “While most collaborations/co-authorships end the way they start — on a distinctly positive note, when things go bad, they go very, very bad.” Gillen said co-author disputes are among the most rancorous disputes he deals with: “The strategy most often in evidence is one borrowed from the Cold War — assured mutual destruction.” [Read more…]