10 Things independent authors should invest in to be successful

Indie publishingDuring her 2018 TAA Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference presentation, “Independent Publishing: Securing a Return on Your Investment, A Practical Approach to Indie Publishing”, Margaret Thompson Reece shared benefits of independent “indie” publishing options, including greater control and distribution options, flexible pricing, and easier editing. Also, royalty payments for print on demand books are about 30% of the retail price.

These benefits, however, are not without cost. Below are the ten investments Reece said authors must make to be successful book publishers. [Read more…]

Treat authoring like a business: Keep your authoring separate from your full-time job

Open for BusinessTreating your authoring like a business means keeping your authoring separate from your full time job as a college or university professor, said Charles Williams, professor of sport management in the Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management at the University of Florida, and author of Personal Fitness: Looking Good/Feeling Good.

Because many institutions have conflict of interest policies and other guidelines that could affect your ability to either author a textbook or academic book as a separate activity, or limit it in some way, he said, it’s important to know where to find that information at your institution, and to learn what the rules are, so that you can protect your book income. [Read more…]