Common errors leading to journal article rejection

Red pen correcting paperAccording to the American Psychological Association’s Summary Report of Journal Operations, 2016, the 29 journals included in the report received a combined total of 12,166 submitted manuscripts with an overall rejection rate of 71%. This means that on average less than 3 of every 10 submitted manuscripts is accepted for publication.

To better understand the common reasons journal articles are rejected, we sought the insight of several TAA members experienced in the academic journal article publishing process. [Read more…]

Is it possible to avoid journal rejections based on the editor’s plans for coming issues?

Q: “How do I avoid journal rejections based on the editor’s plans for coming issues?”

A: Kären Hess, the author or co-author of more than 30 trade books and college-level textbooks on a variety of topics including financial planning, dental marketing, art, literature, engineering, hospice care, reading, management and report writing:

“Many journals publish the years’ article focus month by month.”

A: Michael Lennie, Authoring Attorney and Literary Agent, Lennie Literary and Authors’ Attorneys:

“Not to be flippant, but likely you don’t. Yours would need to be a particularly time sensitive article to bump others already accepted, or to cause an editor to alter the theme or plan for an upcoming issue. The best you can do is either accept being placed in the queue, or contact several possible journals before submitting to find out informally the likely wait for publication. (Of course, you want to avoid appearing overly aggressive.)”