Textbook author shares her experience working with literary agent

NegotiationDr. Cynthia Arem hired literary agent Michael Lennie of Lennie Literary & Authors Attorneys to negotiate the contract for her most recent book, Conquering Writing Anxiety. He also negotiated the terms for her Conquering Reading Anxiety book while in its proposal stage, and negotiated the terms for the third edition of her Conquering Math Anxiety: A Self-Help Workbook with CD, 2nd Edition, published by Brooks/Cole.

“I previously negotiated my own contracts, and in retrospect, realized that I gave too many of my rights away, and I was missing important clauses in the contracts; clauses which would have been to my benefit,” she said. “I find that my agent fights for me. I don’t have to deal with contract negotiations with my publisher. My agent knows contract law and works to get me the best contract terms an author can get.” [Read more…]