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Why you should be podcasting. Right now

Why Textbook & Academic Authors Should Be Podcasting. Right NowTAA Vice President, Kevin Patton, is an award-winning professor and textbook author in human anatomy and physiology (A&P). He has a podcast and several blogs about teaching and writing, including On Thursday, July 9th, as part of the TAA Summer Webinar Series, he will relate his podcasting experience, outline many different benefits of podcasting, and give you loads of practical tips for starting and running your own podcast in his webinar session, “Why Textbook & Academic Authors Should Be Podcasting. Right Now”.

It’s the dawning of the age of podcasting. Sure, streaming and downloadable audio programs available from an internet feed have been around for a while. But all signs show that podcasts are poised to explode in the number and variety of people reached. Especially in the coming post-pandemic era.

The sooner we start podcasting, the better we can establish our show before the big rush, work out the kinks, and build a following. And the sooner we’ll be a welcome voice in the ears of colleagues in our field and potential consumers of our academic works as they commute, walk their pets, or lounge on the patio after a hard day of teaching.

In this 90-minute session, Kevin will engage the audience with instant polling and tailor his comments to the particular interests of the group. He encourages questions and comments along the way, so that the session will be more of a dialogue.

Register now to join next week’s webinar event and get on the road to starting your academic podcast, right now.