Whose book title is it, anyway?

Zick Rubin

Zick Rubin

Professor Charlotte Smith, an up-and-coming young entomologist, decided to write a textbook for the always-popular, upper-level course on spiders.  After putting out a few feelers, she submitted a proposal to Six Legs Press, a leading publisher of  books about insects.  Six Legs loved the proposal and offered Professor Smith a contract. Charlotte was so abuzz with excitement—”tenure, here I come!” she yelled—that she signed the contract without even reading it.

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How to create titles for textbook chapters and sections

Assigning titles to chapters and sections is an important part publishingof the craft of textbook writing as titles draw readers in, give students a preview of what they will learn, and reflect the organization of the book. In order to create the best titles possible, authors Vivian Bernstein, Paul Chance, and Dana Loewy recommend that textbook authors focus on making their titles interesting, informative, easily understood, and brief. [Read more…]