Will print textbooks become obsolete?

Q: “Are print textbooks likely to become obsolete soon in favor of digital ones?”

A: Elizabeth Boepple, Presenter of the TAA-sponsored workshop on how to prepare camera-ready copy:

“I think this depends on the intended function of the book and the time-critical nature of the content. We’re using electronic books to retain control over frequent updates, include Internet Hyperlinks for recent changes in research, and to easily distribute corrections and revisions. At the moment, I’m preparing an electronic version so that I can include movie clips of screen captures with audio for tutorials. It’s a great medium to eliminate the exorbitant cost of color printing, also. (A lot of great graphical material fits on one CD.) We have also found that we can self-publish more easily and get to press more quickly with electronic versions. On the other hand, marketing is time-consuming when you self publish.” [Read more…]