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Writing and Developing Your College TextbookWriting and crafting a textbook and attending to authoring tasks is a time-consuming, complex—some would say monumental—project, even harrowing at times. The updated and expanded third edition of Writing a Developing Your College Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide, now available for pre-order, will empower you to undertake textbook development by guiding you through the nuts and bolts of the development process and providing essential background information on the changing higher education publishing industry, as well as how to choose a publisher, write a textbook proposal, negotiate a publishing contract, and establish good author-publisher relations. Click here to pre-order.

Divided into three sections, each written by a veteran in the higher education publishing industry, chapters include:

  • Download the 17-page sampleThe Evolving Higher Education Textbook Publishing Industry
  • How College Textbooks are Published
  • How to Capture Publishers’ Interest
  • Negotiate Your Contract
  • Why Your Textbook Needs Development
  • Write to Reach Your True Audience
  • Establish an Effective Authorial Voice
  • Why You Need Learning Objectives
  • Why Heading Structure Matters
  • View the Full Table of Contents

The book includes 22 samples and templates, and a new feature called “Author to Author” that shares an inside look at how many of the concepts introduced in the book have been put into practice by successful textbook authors.

Robert Christopherson, author of Geosystems, 9e, said: “TAA and the authors have done a wonderful service to us all—textbook, academic, and even trade authors—with this seminal, blood-and-guts guide to the art, craft, and work of authoring. Even though I signed my first contract in 1987, I read every word of this valuable new book and took pages of notes to guide me forward!”

In this third edition, authors Sean W. Wakely, Founder and Principal Adviser at Academic Author Advisers, who wrote the first section on the higher education publishing industry, and Stephen E. Gillen, Partner at Wood Herron & Evans, who wrote the second section on contracts, joined Mary Ellen Lepionka, a retired publisher, author, editor, textbook developer, and college instructor, who wrote the first two editions and authored the third section of the book on writing and development.

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