Cunningham receives a TAA Textbook Contract Review Grant

Mark CunninghamMark Cunningham has been awarded a TAA Textbook Contract Review Grant for his textbook, Neoclassical Physics, to be published by Springer.

Cunningham received his Ph.D. in theoretical nuclear physics from Yale University in 1982, working with Franco Iachello. After leaving Yale, he worked on remote sensing and non-destructive testing applications in industry before teaching at the University of Texas system campuses for nine years. His new book is an outgrowth of that experience.

“I was very excited and deeply gratified to learn that the Text and Academic Authors Association had awarded me a grant to seek legal advice for my forthcoming book Neoclassical Physics,” he said. “While I did learn a bit about negotiation while in grad school and subsequently, negotiating legal contracts with publishers is an arena where I certainly need professional help. The TAA grant award has enabled me to obtain detailed direction from a literary attorney and has undoubtedly resulted in a more favorable contract than I would have been able to obtain personally.” [Read more…]